April 1976

Kunio Sasaki (the first representative) founded Sasaki Kogei at Toyooka 4-jo 5-chome, Asahikawa City.

April 1978

Relocated to new factory/house in Hippu-cho, Kamikawa-gun

April 1980

Incorporated as Sasaki Kogei Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Kunio Sasaki Capital: 5 million yen)

October 1985

Wooden case for 100-yen lighter "Mocter" trademark registered

April 1986

Cumulative production of "Mocter" reaches 1,000,000 units

April 1987

Newly built and relocated the main factory (11-jo 2-chome, Nagayama, Asahikawa City, used until 2007)

September 1987

Introduced Iida Kogyo's laser processing machine (sensor reading type)

April 1990

Organization changed to Sasaki Kogei Co., Ltd. (capital increased from 5 million yen to 10 million yen)

November 1994

Sasaki Kogei directly managed showroom "Craft Tachi" newly opened

September 1997

Started sales of wooden rubber gun series "GRASP"

September 1998

Started sales of wooden door chime series "Door Melody"

September 1999

Opened Tokyo branch office in Taito Ward

December 2002

Opened an online shop on Rakuten Ichiba (closed in December 2014)

March 2006

Introduced a new laser processing machine (data input type) manufactured by Iida Kogyo Co., Ltd.

February 2007

Management innovation plan approval (approval number Kamisho Rokan No. 2874)
Theme: "Promotion of branding of Asahikawa crafts through the establishment of hands-on workshop facilities"

November 2007

Newly built and relocated the current head office factory (14-jo 3-4-10 Nagayama, Asahikawa City)

August 2008

Local industrial resource utilization business plan certification (certification number 2008/08/08 Hokkaido No. 14)
Theme: "Development of light, thin, and durable craft products using Asahikawa Craft's light and thin processing technology"

April 2010

Established sales company "Yuhoku Co., Ltd." (Representative Director: Yujiro Sasaki) and transferred directly managed showroom "Craft Tachi" to Yuhoku Co., Ltd.

August 2010

Introduced Yamamoto Vinita high-frequency press machine

October 2010

Responsible for engraving the names of 10,000 people on the wall material of the new station building of JR Hokkaido Asahikawa Station (Project People Wall Engraving Names on Asahikawa Station)

September 2011
November 2011

Yujiro Sasaki appointed as representative director (2nd generation)

October 2012

Exhibited at IFFT Interior Lifestyle Living 2012

February 2013

Exhibited at "Ambiente 2013" (venue: Frankfurt, Germany) for the first time

June 2013

Exhibited at "Miscellaneous goods EXPO 2013" (Venue: Tokyo Big Sight)

November 2013

Exhibited at IFFT Interior Lifestyle Living 2013

November 2013

Introduced the latest Heian Corporation CNC router processing machine

April 2014

"Giftory Taipei 2014" (Venue: Taipei, Taiwan) First exhibition → Exhibit

June 2014

Renewal of Sasaki Kogei's logo and catalog → Catalog 2014

June 2014

Exhibited at "Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2014" (Venue: Tokyo Big Sight) → Exhibition

June 2014

Concept announcement of new brand "premics"

July 2014

"Hokkaido Products Exhibition in Taipei" (Venue: Taipei City, Taiwan "Unification Hankyu Department Store") First store → Opening

December 2014

"Hokkaido Products Exhibition in Taipei" (Venue: "Oba Takashimaya" in Taipei City, Taiwan) First store → State of store opening

March 2015

Sasaki Kogei 2nd factory started operation

June 2015

"Asahikawa Design Week" (Asahikawa Design Week) Exhibition → Scenes from the event

July 2015

Exhibition at "Design Tokyo 2015" (venue: Tokyo Big Sight) Announcement of new products (5 items) of the new brand "premics"Exhibit

October 2015

Released "Woddy Xmas", a jointly developed product with muku Kobo

April 2016

Sasaki Kogei 40th Anniversary Party Held

May 2016

Selected as one of the 300 small and medium-sized businesses that flutter (selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

June 2016

Exhibited at "Asahikawa Design Week 2016"

July 2016

Exhibited at "International Miscellaneous Goods EXPO 2016" (Venue: Tokyo Big Sight)

July 2016

Sasaki craft product catalog 2016 edition published

October 2016

"2016 Hokkaido New Technology and New Product Development Award" Excellence Award in the Manufacturing Division

January 2017

Selected for the first product category of "OMOTENASHI selection 2017" → OMOTENASHI selection 2017

March 2017

Exhibited at "Hokkaido White Luxury in Singapore"

September 2017

Renewal opening of Tokyo directly managed store nocra

October 2017

Exhibited at "Japan Woodworking Machinery Exhibition & WOOD WONDERLAND 2017"

March 2018

Received "Asahikawa City Youth Health Education Achievement Award"

November 2018

Received "Asahikawa City Work-Life Balance Promotion Company Award"

March 2019
February 2020

Wooden hina dolls appear on NHK (Hokkaido version) live broadcast

October 2021

Exhibited at "IFT Interior Lifestyle Living 2021"

October 2021

Announcing two collaborative projects with Sasaki Kogei → Project Official Site
Collaboration project between production areas "pirkamonrayke"
Project "supernova" using different materials